The history of this website goes back to 1997, when I launched it on the servers of Ghent University where I was working as a researcher. At that time its URL was The website also hosted the provisional website of the EURAMES Water Group, established at the September 1999 conference of the European Association of Middle Eastern Studies, which took place at Ghent University.

In the following years, the Waternet website was hosted on the Ghent University servers under and After I left the university in 2005, I created the present domain name for Waternet on

screenshot waternet 1999screenshot waternet 1999

Screen shot of the Waternet homepage in 1999.


screenshot waternet 2005screenshot waternet 2005

 Screen shot of the Waternet homepage in 2005.

screenshot waternet 2006screenshot waternet 2006 


Screen shot of the Waternet home page in 2006.


screenshot waternet 2014screenshot waternet 2014

 Screen shot of the Waternet website in 2014.