This Waternet website is online since 1997. Its initial focus was mainly on water issues in Israel and Palestine - at that time the topic of my research. The website is now undergoing a very thourough update and redesign, with a more regional approach to the political hydrology of water scarcity.

Stefan Deconinck holds a Ma. of Early-modern History and a Ma. of International Relations (Ghent University, Belgium).
Based in Kampala, Uganda, he is a consultant with experience in policy-oriented research and analysis, including GIS.


Stefan Deconinck
email: stefan.deconinck (at)

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Areas of interest

  • Economical, political and social issues related to water in the Middle East, especially in the Jordan and Nile River Basins
  • Politics and security in Kenya and Somalia
  • Terrorism, radicalisation and deradicalisation
  • Geopolitics, security (environmental security, human security), sustainable development
  • (Maritime) history of the Indian Ocean

Selected publications

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