Some interesting reads about the Nile River Basin. We are continuously adding more references.
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Back in history

  • Pierre Crabitès, "The Nile Waters Agreement". In: Foreign Affairs, October 1929.
  • Pierre Crabitès, "Egypt, the Sudan, and the Nile". In: Foreign Affairs, December 1924.
  • Winston Churchill, The River War, 1899. This book is mainly an account of the war of the UK against the Mahdi in Sudan, but it includes an interesting chapter on the "Fashoda Incident" and the geopolitical competition over the Nile Basin with France.
  • Tim Jeal, Explorers of the Nile: the triumph and tragedy of a great Victorian adventure. London, Faber and Faber, 2011.
    An updated account, based on recently uncovered archival documents, of the 19th century search for the sources of the Nile. Learn more about Richard Burton's scheming against Jack Speke, about the Englishman who claimed Uganda for Egypt, and why these early explorers didn't just follow the river upstream from Egypt?